The Importance of Making Connections in the Music Industry

Originally posted on Beyond The Music 5/15/18

If you talk around in your industry, you often find a similar tale. A majority of people have gotten to where they are today because of the connections they made along the way. For musicians and the makers behind them this sentiment is not always easy, but definitely true.

If networking seems daunting or difficult, rest easy knowing that a lot of people share the feeling. The music industry is a concentrated, tight-knit but giant, beautiful place. With so many different facets to work in, my suggestion is to pick one or a couple areas that you can really thrive and present yourself as a serious contender.

An amazing quality about the music industry is the friendship and camaraderie. If you are more than just a fan of music, then it is important to make that known. Take those friendships and utilize them as industry connections. We are all easily susceptible to the competitive nature of this industry. But we’re all trying to get to the same place, so let’s help each other out.

As someone who is naturally quiet in a crowd, I realized to make it beyond the music I needed to start making a little noise myself. I encourage you to do the same. It takes time to get where you want to be. If this is truly what you want to do then keep at it, it just might take that someone who knows someone to find your right fit.  

Don’t be afraid to speak up, reach out to the people you’ve connected with at shows, and find mentorships with those who can provide guidance.

Smart work is key but make the right connections and you’re golden.